XIAOMI MI MIX 2 to come with Another phone

Information from our source said that XIAOMI might launch another phone along with the MI Mix 2. The event which has been schedule for September 11, is expected to come with another XIAOMI phone, but for now nothing has been confirmed about the phone.

The information came as a post on Weibo from  XIAOMI President LIN BIN in his recent Weibo post. The first generation of the MI MIX went on sale in October last year along with the MI MIX Note 2.

Xiaomi might launch

Since the MIX Note 2 was announced along side MI MIX, it will be ideal to think that the next to come with  MI MIX 2 could be the MI Note 3.
Fueling the speculation has been the recent rumors that that MI Note 3 will arrive sooner.

The wait would finally be over as we have got less than a week to the show down. As for  Mi MIX 2, the post confirmed that it will featured facial recognition, along with the information was a short video of the MI MIX 2. But Frof the video, it will be difficult to device the exact design of the MI MIX 2.



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