Xiaomi releases Video of the A1

Xiaomi last night announced the A1- its first Stock Android Smartphone. A clip was also released with the phone, which showcased the important features of the Android 1.

Some of the Highlights of Xiaomi A1


  • Dual rear facing camera


  • Vanilla Android


  • Film Design

The video is set in pass down museum shaped, like MI Logo. The video took a ride to various halls where the various piece of the  Android 1 was introduced.

The most interesting part of the videos was how a large number of flying colors diamond actually make the google photos app icon. The clip also brought to light specific app that Xiaomi pushes with MIUI to come in a separate folder via the main menu.

The video ended while showing the exquisite colors of the  A1; black, silver and pink. Check down for the full video.




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