Xiaomi Redmi 5A gets USA certification

Maybe is time for XIAOMI phones to starting trooping into the USA, with USA certification. XIAOMI phone which looks like Redmi 5A Prime with a model number MDG6S has made appearance in the States Federal Communications Commission, which could finally give green light to XIAOMI phone arrival to the US.

Though some users in US makes use of XIAOMI phones, but they are only able to use it by importing it either from China or other countries, without USA certification. While the US mobile used to offer XIAOMI phones unofficially but no any more.

Our source had it that the phone which has appeared in the FCC listing is likely to be Redmi 5A Prime which is official outside the US. The phone features 5.5-inch 720P IPS LCD display, the chipset is Snapdragon 435 coupled with 4G RAM + 64G internal storage, also with an expansion slot.

Usa certification

Though XIAOMI phone has surfaced in the FCC listing, but it doesn’t automatically signal to the arrival of XIAOMI phone into US shops. Also the Chinese company is still quiet on the matter as no official statement has been made.

But from this, there is now a strong indication that XIAOMI phones will be hitting the US market soon. Xiaomi which has long been expanding its invention by striking deals with Nokia and Microsoft, is surely up to something, but time will tell.



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