Is Xiaomi truly the No.1 smartphone brand in India?

The news reaching us from the Xiaomi, through its official India Twitter handle, says that the company has maintained the No.1 spot in smartphone brands in India. The report we understand came from Canalys and Counter point.

According to Counter point, the Chinese was able to over take Samsung to the number 1 spot because

The competitive landscape has changed significantly in the last year, with the rise of brands such as Xiaomi, OPPO, VIVO in the smartphone segment and players such as Reliance Jio, Nokia HMD and iTel in the feature phone segment — all able to disrupt the market with high-quality and attractively-priced offerings. During the second half, players such as Xiaomi was particularly disruptive with an aggressively-priced, broad portfolio taken to market with an effective channel expansion strategy. This helped Xiaomi to surpass the long-time market leader, Samsung, for the first time ever. This performance ended Samsung’s six year market dominance.

Although Samsung claims to be leading the smartphone brand still, saying It has 45% of the value market share and 40% of the volume share. Samsung is disputing the Canalys conclusion on the basis that they only tracked the shipped units, while going with GFK (Germany research firm) which tracked the sales instead.




But going with the on ground statistics, it does show that Xiaomi has actually taking the leading spot on smartphone brands in India. However, it has been rumored that Samsung is planning on launching a new online-only series to take on Xiaomi. But regardless of how aggressive Samsung may become, it will be likely impossible to match their pricing strategy.

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