Xiaomi may likely to relaunch the Redmi 5 Plus in India as Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

Xiaomi after so much anticipation for the  Redmi 5 and  Redmi 5 Plus, announced the phone in December last year. The phone later went on sale on December 12, but since then it has been available through official Chinese Channels. But the whole story could soon change as the Product PR at Xiaomi Clinton Jeff, tweeted that next month will be light with regards to the Xiaomi Redmi 5 duo.

Redmi 5 Plus

Redmi 5 Plus

We also understand that Xiaomi is having a monthly discussion with the MI communities on the Redmi Note series. This may turn out to be the introduction of xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus as Redmi Note 5 to the Global market.

Considering that the Redmi Note is popular Xiaomi phone line in India, with  Redmi Note 4  hitting over 5 million sales, in which 1 million of them was made in first 45days. Therefore changing the Redmi 5 Plus name still remains logical especially with the fact that Xiaomi gives different names to the same phone.



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