Smartphone buying guide: Considerable Tips When Finding the Right Phone

Lets introduce you to our Smartphone buying guide with  some considerable tips. Smartphones keeps expanding, with so many brands like iPhone, Samsung, HTC, OnePlus, LG and Xiaomi, releasing flagship phones every year. Choosing a smartphone has never been this troublesome, but with our Smartphone buying guide, you will be able to make a wise choice of phone.

Our Smartphone buying guide will give you  basic things to take note of when buying a smartphone, which includes:





Battery and

Size of the screen.

Smartphone buying guide

Smartphone buying guide

Smartphone buying guide


As cheeky as this may sound, it’s still a top considerable option when choosing a smartphone. Before buying a new smartphone, is better to know your budget. While Samsung, Apple and other top Smartphone brands keep their phone priced at 1000$ to 1200$, there still great less priced phone that are below 300$, which will still offer a decent performance based on your need.


Now even mid-range phones offer good performance for some users, especially non heavy Smartphone users. But if you’re a heavy phone users and does alot of multitasking, at least buy an Android phone with Snapdragon 835chipset. Also Snapdragon 845 chipset is now available on Smartphone, which is expected to offer slight higher performance. The A11 Bionic chipset offered by Apple, which featured in iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X, are still the most fastest mobile chip yet.

What makes a Processor worth it:

A good Processor should have a fast app launch, flexible game play, smooth running of graphics with the help of GPU, quicker image and video editing. Is always good to overlook frequency clock speed or number of cores, but looking for in-depth reviews about the particular phone. You can always check GeekBench and our reviews.

Some Powerful and Mid-range Processor

Before it was Snapdragon 835 that was leading the way for most powerful Android Chip, now Snapdragon 845 is going to take over, after we see it debut with Samsung Galaxy S9. The chip is expected to offer slight higher performance when compared to the SD 835.

Some phones that featured the Snapdragon 835 chip includes HTC U11, Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+, LG V30, Xiaomi MI Mix 2. All these are flagship phones, but they offer quality CPU performance.

Smartphone buying guide

iPhone X

The latest mid-range chipset is the Snapdragon  chip, though Qualcomm hasn’t announce the chip yet, but we hope they will at the upcoming MWC event scheduled to hold on February 25 in Barcelona.

Phones like Xiaomi Note 4X  and Motorola Moto G5 Plus are Mid-range phones which are powered by Snapdragon 600 series chips. There overall performance is good, with some of the phones like Xiaomi Note 4 boasting of 12 hours talk time battery life.


Now that you can do more with Smartphones and not just answering calls, is better to go for a phone with at least 32GB of ROM. Most flagship phones now offer up to 128GB ROM and is always better if you can to go for these phones. There is also the 64GB ROM versions phones, so if your planning on buying a new phone, it should be between 32GB ROM and 64GB ROM phones. Phones with 16GB are now going off the show, with 128GB memory proving costly, so it’s left for you to make a wise choice.


Another thing in our Smartphone buying guide is camera. The camera has grown to be one of the most important Smartphone features. When buying a phone forget about the megapixels, your focus should be on aperture ( mind you, the lower the better), special camera features such as dual lens and optical image stabilization should be your focus point.

Camera quality

Megapixels doesn’t mean a phone will offer a good shots, so forget about the megapixels. Your focus when buying a new phone should be on the aperture, which is better when smaller, pay more attention to the quality of the pictures, speed and special features.

Now most flagship and mid-range phones comes with special camera features like 2x optical zoom, dual lens for portrait mode, which helps in making bokeh effect on pictures.


Never settle for a device that doesn’t last at least 12 hours after a charge. Most mid-range phones like Xiaomi Note 4 and Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus, offer up to 24 hours battery life on a single charge. So is good to consider the battery also when making a choice of Smartphone. You should also consider some features like quick charge technology, which almost come with every phone now, it will help an quick adding of juice to the battery.

Battery Life

The factors that determine the life of a smartphone battery includes, size of screen, processor and operating system. Also the number of time the screen stays awake will also contribute to the battery life.

If your purchasing a phone try and go for phones with long lasting battery. NOTE: Battery capacity doesn’t determine how long the battery will last, for instance most flagship phone has 3000mAh battery but goes on to last for hours.

The idea behind it is the optimized processor, with some now optimizing their Processor to extend the battery life.

Smartphone buying guide

Apple iPhone X


Recently, 18:9 aspect ratio panel display has started trending, which is now available on most of the top Smartphone brands. In choosing a smartphone, is good to go for a phone with quality brightness, color quality and smaller screen size. More attention should be given to the brightness, so it will be easy to view things outdoors. Latest phone now has started adopting AMOLED panel which is better than LCD panels, some are even going as far as offering high dynamic range (HDR) for displaying more colors.

Smaller display sizes are better:

The more reason why you should buy a smaller display sized phone is because of the compact design. Using a smaller display phone, you won’t be stretching your thumb trying to reach the top of the phone, also you will easily reach the scanner, when it’s placed at the top back. You also have a good trip of the phone and it fits inside your pocket perfectly. Check out our collection of powerful 5.0-inch display phones

Large display size can also be an option:

Depending on what you want to do with your phone, like watching videos, reading and running apps on split screen, 5.5-inch phones like iPhone 8 Plus and 6.0 -inch Galaxy S8+ can be a good option for you. These big display sizes phones are called phablets because they are almost the same size with tablets. Recently, Smartphone makers are trying to minimize the bezel in their phones to give you a compact designed phone with a big screen, as we have seen in LG V30 and iPhone X.

Display Quality

Smartphone screen size is also a smart buying guard consideration. When purchasing a smartphone, focus on the display should be on the screen brightness, quality color representation and viewing angle. Make sure that the Smartphone your going for has quality brightness that will enable you read the screen outdoors under direct sunlight.

The quality of color representation is another thing. AMOLED panels offers more color quality than  LCD panels, deeper black level and wider viewing angle. If your looking for a phone with best quality color, you have to go for a phone that’s supports HDR, the features allows superior contrast in videos.

Other Smartphone buying guide to consider:


Whether  design of a phone is good or bad depends on the user, but if you care for aesthetic then I suggest you go for glass or metal design phones or a phone that offers both qualities. Some mid-range phones are designed using plastic but less durable unless your trying to safe cost. One outstanding feature of a glass phone is that it’s enable fast charging, but that shouldn’t be your top priority because most wireless charging are far slow.

Again, you should focused more on durability. Some flagship phones even mid-ranger now certify the IP67, meaning the phone can be immersed in water of 1.5meters deep for 30 minutes without any form of damage. So with this featured you will careless of your phone been damaged by getting wet.


The level of multitasking a smartphone chopper is likely to be doing will largely determine the amount of RAM to go for. When purchasing a smartphone try to go for a phone with at least 2GB RAM.

Recently even mid-range Smartphone now comes with 4GB RAM, so even if you are trying to cut cost, you will still get a standard phone interms of RAM. Most flagship and ultra premium phones has started offering 6GB ,8GB and 10GB RAM and that is always an option for you, when most of your activities with your phone will be gaming.


Smartphone Security advanced from Pin Codes to fingerprint, Iris scanning and Facial recognition. Most flagship phones now combines both the facial recognition and Iris scanning for maximum security, we expect to see this new technology in Samsung Galaxy S9. However most mid-range Smartphone is offering fingerprint scanner for unlocking, so it won’t be all about money to get a phone with advance unlock technology.

Lastly, when purchasing a new phone, try at least to go for the one with Corning Gorilla Glass. The glass offers maximum protection against scratch and mild falls.

Always consult our Smartphone buying guide anytime you want to chop for a new phone. We will keep updating to give you the best.

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