Global Beta ROM testers for Xiaomi MI 8 Pro

Xiaomi is currently recruiting Global Beta ROM testers for MI 8 Pro base on Android Oreo. This opportunity is open to anyone globally and you’re bound to enjoy amazing features, which includes giving your phone a new look. It doesn’t end there, you will also make suggestions to the developers on how to create amazing software with zero bug for everyone.

Some privileges of Global Beta ROM testers for MI 8 Pro

  • First-hand communication with MIUI officials
  • Prize rewards for prominent performance
  • Access to MIUI daily updates
  • Participating in MIUI official activities and events
  • Read permission 89
  • Bigger attachment size

Haven given it a thought and seeing the need to join global beta ROM testers for MI 8 Pro, then the below instructions would be vital.

Global Beta ROM testers for MI 8 Pro

Global Beta ROM Testers for MI 8 Pro requirements

  • Must be using either Xiaomi MI 8 Pro
  • Unlocked bootloader
  • Using the latest Global Beta ROM
  • Knowledge about ROM, unlocking bootloader and flashing MIUI ROMS
  • Active in MIUI forums
  • Willing to discuss with members in forum and beta testers group
  • Must have QQ communication tool
  • Since is global, any Region is acceptable
  • As Global Beta ROM tester, below are some of your responsibilities
  • Must join the QQ beta testers group before first assessment
  • Frequent flashing of Beta ROM
  • Great communication with members in QQ group
  • Answering users query on bugs in forum and beta sub-forum
  • Reporting bugs and issues on time.

Procedures for Application to join MI 8 Pro global beta testers

Download the MIUI Global forum app from play store if you haven’t got one
On the homepage of MIUI Global forum, click select recruitment. Proceed to fill the form and submit. You will then received an approval message to confirm you’ve been selected.
The application is open till 22nd of October. Endeavor to check your forum private message on 27THt Of October to know if you have been selected.

Note: the current MI 8 Pro Beta recruitment is for MIUI global testers, only join if you’re willing and ready to participate. Asking permission to join Beta team China will get a straight denial.

Meanwhile, the application to join the Redmi 6/6A Beta team is still ongoing and interested individuals should click here and follow the instructions on how to join the team. As a Beta tester, is good you know there’ll be bugs, so it’s necessary to give it a proper thought before applying.



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