Useful tips and precautions to avert smartphone explosion

The recent explosion that rocked Xiaomi Mi A1 raised so many questions on what might be causing smartphone explosion. But then, since smartphone has become part of our daily lives, is likely that those things not done right are what leads to smartphone explosion.

However, there are useful tips and precautions that will help to a great extent combat smartphone explosions. The below precautions will make sure you’re never a victim of phone explosion.

Tips and precautions to avert smartphone explosion

MI A1 explodes
MI A1 explodes

Avoid overcharging

Overdoing anything is bad and so is overcharging your smartphone. It’s always safer to unplug your phone from charging once is fully charged. Therefore charging while sleeping should not be practiced as is always safer to charge while awake.

Smartphone explosion

Allow your phone to charge

Smartphone battery increases temperature during charging and so with performing a task with your device. Making use of your phone while on charging will result in a higher temperature rise, which is not ideal and can result in an explosion.

Answering calls on charging

Always play safe to avoid ugly scenario. Answering calls while your phone is on charging can cause an explosion and will result in severe damage. Always disconnect your phone from charging before attending to your calls.

Xiaomi charger changing color

Stick with your follow come charger

Sometimes the charger might burn or maybe you need to charge inside your car. When finding a replacement or car charger, always go for exact output (V) as the original.

Original batteries

Just as the case of a charger, the battery might as well start malfunctioning or even dead. Fake batteries, however, pose a greater risk of smartphone explosions. Always stick with branded ones.

Charging under extra light

During charging, the phone dissipates more heat which is more reason you shouldn’t place the phone on direct sunlight when charging. Because the heating issue might get worse causing some damage.

Avoid charging on multiple extension

Is possible that a device been charged under the same extension will get likely problems in case of an explosion. Therefore is a wise precaution to avoid multiple extension when charging.

Detach the phone case

During charging, the battery temperature is raised causing much heat. It’s important that cases of phones should be removed during this time to allow free dissipation of heat.

It has also be said that earphones should not be used whilst the phone is on charge. The same way answering calls when charging your phone can cause an explosion is the same with using your earphones.

Nevertheless, Smartphone explosion can something be as a result of company fault, and that was the case of Galaxy Note 7 explosion. But most of the time is the user’s activities that constitute to the problem of the smartphone explosion, which is while the above precautions should be upheld.



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