Xiaomi charger changing color from white to pink

First it was about a user reporting how his Xiaomi MI  A1 exploded and now is a Xiaomi charger changing color..hahaha..is only a single user that has reported that anyway. That’s probably a shady deal by a dealer selling a Xiaomi phone with a fake charger in a bid to make maximum profit.

According to the user, he hasn’t changed his charger since the phone was bought, but he started noticing strange funny stuff happening to his charger. The charger is gradually changing color from white and now turning to pink.

Xiaomi charger changing color
Xiaomi charger changing color

However, looking at the above picture the charge doesn’t look original and comparing with other Xiaomi charges, the USB mostly looks fake. This is likely to be the fault of the seller since the owner didn’t say if he bought his device sealed or it might be that Xiaomi has started shipping their phones with a fake charger.

Xiaomi charger changing color

The user is asking if the is normal for a charge to start changing color at some point or if he just needs to replace it with another one. You can help provide with an answer through the comment or via source.

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