Xiaomi MI A1 explodes, Xiaomi is yet to respond

Xiaomi MI A1 explodes near a sleeping user. And if you would recur, some few years ago, many Galaxy Note 7 units went into flames as well. Even up till now, fresh cases of the unit exploding are still surfacing. 

Meanwhile, it might be the first time a Xiaomi phone is going into flames, but it did explode and pictures are there as proof.  Such cases are not pleasant and couple the fact its Xiaomi MI A1, first stock Android from Xiaomi, it should be a worry to the Chinese OEM.

Xiaomi MI A1 explodes
Xiaomi MI A1 explodes

The location is still unknown but is likely to be in China. According to the reporter, who happens to be a friend of the person that his phone went into flames. The phone is only 8 months old and has not been giving any faulty sign. It was working perfectly without any heating issues when he plugged it on charging and slept. 

MI A1 explodes
Xiaomi MI A1 explodes

He was jolted up in the middle of night but went back to sleep, only to wake up in the morning and see that his Xiaomi MI A1 has went into flames. From the images, phone is severely damaged and nothing could be done to fix it.

Xiaomi charger changing colors

However, he has reported the situation to Xiaomi customer care hoping they will compensate him but Xiaomi is yet to say anything concerning the explosion. But hopefully, they will reply.

Since smartphone companies started increasing their battery capacity and integrating quick charge technology, adequate measures has been put in place to combat explosions. The reason why Xiaomi MI A1 explodes is likely to be a charger issue, but we wait on official confirmation from Xiaomi. 

Quick Advice: this user was saved from being seriously hurt by the protective case and the distance he kept from the phone. Always keep a distance from your phone and avoid charging while sleeping.


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