Latest update: Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus receiving MIUI OEGCNFK

Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus is getting a new update based on a new operating system. The update is currently hitting the device with a version number MIUI OEGCNFK and weighs 1.4GB which requires you to download over a Wi-Fi.

The update is coming with some new features, bug fixes, and optimized system performance. It has also pushed the OS to Android Oreo, though some device is now getting the latest Android OS, Android Pie.

There’s a new screen shortcut for the updater app, while more data plans are now available on Data usage settings. The Android Security Patch level is now dated 2018-12-01.


Full Changelog for MIUI OEGCNFK

Camera (fixes)

  • Issues with gridlines in the full-screen mode
  • Burst shot was made accidentally

File explorer (fixes)

  • Icon on the search page displayed incorrectly
  • Thumbnail taking too long to refresh sometimes
  • Cleaner not displaying correctly on the split screen


  • Recording status not updated on notification shades when recording is paused.

Updater (New)

  • There’s is a new shortcut to the updater app on the home screen.

Data Usage

  • More data plans now added to the options

Apart from the notable changes that came along with MIUI OEGCNFK update, the battery life has greatly improved with the icon having a new look.

Meanwhile, receiving the update is Redmi 5 plus still running official Chinese ROM. If you haven’t got the update, you might need to navigate to settings, my device, to scan for MIUI OEGCNFK update.

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