Xiaomi MI Mix 3 to support 5G network and 10GB RAM via a new teaser

We now know official date for the MI Mix 3 unveiling after Xiaomi confirmed the launching date for its next flagship device. The event is scheduled on 25TH October in Beijing and now the company has started teasing the phone with a new poster.

The teaser looking at the image below is a notebook with 5G and 10GB written boldly on their covers. It popped up on the company’s official Weibo account to hint at more interesting features apart from the already confirmed camera slider tech and 100% screen-to-body ratio.

MI Mix 3
MI Mix 3 teaser

It’s an easy guess as to what “10GB” or “5G” is representing. 10GB is likely a 10GB RAM variant for the MiX 3, which is not an entirely different thing as we have seen Oppo Find X 10GB variant. 5G network, however, is a bit overboard considering lack of a compatible chip. The Qualcomm chip to support the network is still under development and MI Mix 3 is likely to feature Snapdragon 845 under the hood. Also, basic network infrastructure to power the project hasn’t been widely constructed.

Meanwhile, is not the first time Xiaomi is hinting at 5G network support for MI MIX 3. A tweet also confirmed the 5G support from last month and we wonder how Xiaomi is going to deliver or maybe the teaser means a different thing. But then it was Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro that debuted Qualcomm Snapdragon 636, while Mi 8 SE unleashed SD 710 chip. Is likely that Qualcomm is about to officially released the new SD 8150 chip with X24 and X50 modems.

Nevertheless, everything remains a speculation until after the official unveiling where the company will be revealing everything that Xiaomi has integrated inside the Mi Mix 3.



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