New update MIUI NEGCNFA starts rolling Redmi 5 Plus


Xiaomi isn’t giving up, not even relying on its fame, as the Chinese company keeps surging for worldwide global recognition. The company on many occasions with their strategic way of pricing their Smartphones, down to maximum support giving to their older phones.

The Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus (Redmi Note 5), launched barely 4 months ago has received up to 10 updates and still counting. Before the last update was a heavy update which came with so many features, including full-screen gesture – check the full list here.

New update Miui
New update Miui

Before this latest update was a security update for the month of March, which also came along with some bug fixes and system stability. Check the full list Here

However, a new update arriving with a version number MIUI NEGCNFA, has started hitting Redmi 5 Plus. The update weighs about 93MB coming along with Bug fixes and system stability. Unfortunately, the update didn’t include April Security patch level.

So, if the update hasn’t made it to your phone yet, then navigate to setting >>> my device >>>> MIUI to scan for an update.


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